Brampton Heath


1st place: Will stone

2nd place: Richie Hatton

3rd place: Alex Hatton

Nearest the pin: Will Stone

Longest Drive: Alex Hatton

Charity ball prize: Mark Doody


Dunham Forest


1st place: Patrick Moss

2nd place: Neil Simpson

3rd place: Mark Fraser

Nearest the pin: Neil Simpson

Longest Drive: Mark Fraser

Charity ball prize: Mike Lee



1st place: Kieran Dick-Doyle

2nd place: Neil Barr

3rd place: Dan Donahoe

Nearest the pin: Gary Cruckshank

Longest Drive: Sam Harris

Charity ball prize: Graham Forbes



1st place: Paul Morgan 

2nd place: Adam Burch

3rd place: Lee Dury

Nearest the pin: Chris Daddy

Longest Drive: Michael Lee

Charity ball prize: Adam Burch



1st place: Leigh Bullock

2nd place: Carl Brazier

3rd place: Glen O'Leary

Nearest the pin: Mark Osbourne

Longest Drive: Mark Osbourne

Charity ball prize: Matt Hilton


Rockliffe Hall

1st place: Phil Harrison

2nd place: Mark Winter

3rd place: Garry Burlinson

Nearest the pin: James Taylor 

Longest Drive: Nyall Matthais

Charity ball prize: Neil Coates



1st place: Pete Dobell

2nd place: Colin Woods

3rd place: David Austin 

Nearest the pin: David Austin  

Longest Drive: Andrew Besford

Charity ball prize: Andy Kirk



1st place: Andrew Kelly

2nd place: Andrew Lyne

3rd place: Ian Gay

Nearest the pin: Andrew Lyne  

Longest Drive: Giles Rooke

Charity ball prize: Charlie Hastings


The Vale

1st place: Ben Pike

2nd place: James Hunter

3rd place: Garry Davies    

Longest Drive: Iwan Davies

Charity ball prize: Steve Yates


Druids Glen

1st place: Charlie Patton

2nd place: Mark McCormick

3rd place: Cathal Patton 

Nearest the pin: David McGoldrick    

Longest Drive: Shane Fox

Charity ball prize: Jess Gallagher



1st place: Paul Marks

2nd place: Darrell Carter

3rd place: Ian Mead

Nearest the pin: Danny Ray    

Longest Drive: Sam McLoughlin

Charity ball prize: Keith Ryan 

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